Want to Join the Slime Nation? Prove It!! The Slime Run is the ultimate fun filled adrenaline 5K ever created! Filled with obstacles & slime zones, you will not cross the finish line clean. Forget the mud runs, it's SLIME TIME!


What You Need At The Race

  • Your Photo ID
  • $10.00 Cash For Parking
  • Appropriate footwear is highly recommended. Note: You will be slimed and it will be slick!
  • Spending money for extra beer*, food, entertainment & the slime tank

*Depending on the venue rules & costs beer is not always available at all races. Please see your locations page if beer is served at your race.

What to leave at home

  • No outside alcoholic beverages will be allowed
  • No genuine weapons and/or firearms will be allowed
  • No glass containers will be allowed
  • No pets or animals at the race
  • No poor attitudes will be allowed


Packet Pick-Up will be available on site, beginning one hour prior to the first wave of the day.Your packet includes your Slime Run bib with safety pins, Slime Run Medal, Slime Run Cup, and Slime Run Headband.

*There will be an EARLY PACKET PICK-UP, please check your location page for exact info & location

What do I need at Packet Pick-Up

  • Your photo ID (required at packet pick-up)
  • A change of Clothes, so you can drive home not slimy
  • An initialed, signed and dated copy of the participant waiver. This is optional to bring with you, but will greatly help save time in line. Click HERE to download the waiver

*You must have a completed waiver before you get into the Packet Pick-Up line.

Picking Up A Friend's Packet

You may pick up a friend's packet. You must have the following 2 items in order to pick up the items:

  • Copy of your friends photo ID
  • Signed letter from your friend stating that you are allowed to pick up their packet

*Race packets must be picked up on site. They will NOT be shipped to participants.

When To Arrive On Race Day

We recommend that you arrive at least one hour before your wave time. Remember that you will have to park, pick up your packet (if you haven’t done that earlier), attach your bib & make your way to the Start line.


What Should I Bring?

  • Change of Clothes
  • Photo ID for Packet Pick-Up
  • An initialed, signed and dated copy of the participant waiver. Click HERE to download waiver

I Am Not An Athletic.. Can I still Run The Race?

There is always risk involved when you run a race like this. Keep in mind this is a race filled with Slime & Obstacles, but with that said we have taken every precaution possible to ensure that you cross the finish line safety. We will have trained EMT’s available for any injuries that may occur. Being athletic is not a requirement, but having fun is, you will be fine running or walking the race as long as you are able to give it all you got.

What Do I Wear?

Costumes are encouraged! So dress crazy, be unique as possible so you can win the Costume Contest, but keep in mind you are running a foot race, so keep it safe.

What Is The Length Of Each Course?

All runs will be at least a 5K, but each course has a different length. Please refer to the course map for exact length of the course in your area

As A Volunteer What Do I Get?

  • Cool Slime Slinger Shirt
  • Lunch
  • Raise money for a good charity
  • Signed credit for educational purposes

Can I Get A Refund?

We do apologize, but no refunds under any circumstance are given. You can transfer to another person until the transfer deadline, or try to sell it on any of our social media outlets. Please location page for transfer deadline.

What is Packet Pick-Up?

Packet Pick-Up is just another term for Check-In. At packet pick-up you will get your official Slime Run Medal, Cup, Headband, bib & safety pins.

Please bring photo ID & signed waver, you must have your signed waiver filled out completely before you get into the packet pick-up line. If you fail to provide both you will forfeit your ability to race and no refund will be given. We encourage you to take advantage of early packet pick-up at each race; early packet pick-up will be one day before each race.

What If It Rains?

This is a rain or shine event, You will be Slimed!

Is This Race For Charity?

We are a for-profit company, but we do donate a portion of proceeds to local charities. For a listing of the charity involved in your race please refer to the locations page.

For questions, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Or, to volunteer please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . When emailing please state which run location you are inquiring about.

What Is The Slime Made Of?

The slime is made of hypoallergenic materials

Can We Bring Dogs or Strollers?

No, please leave all animals at home and no strollers on the course

Are There Showers?

No showers, bring a towel and change of clothes to get clean. We have found a good wipe down with a towel does the trick to get clean.

How Many People In A Wave?

300 max

Is It A Timed Race?

No, but we do encourage self-timing

Can Kids Run?

Yes, all kids 9 and under can register for our kid's race; it includes 2 slime zones and 2 obstacles. The race length varies but will not be over ¾ a mile long. Please see locations page for exact kids' course length.

Can I Transfer My Wave

Yes. Please see location page for change deadline. To change your wave time send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can I Take Video or Pictures

Yes. Make sure you share them on all of our social media outlets!

I Bought A Living Social/Groupon Etc.. How Do I Register

If you bought a deal through any group you will be given a code. You will use that code to register yourself through The Slime Run website. Remember if you do not register before registration is closed you can still register day of, but it is a $10.00 fee.

What do I Get When I Register?

  • Official Slime Run Medal
  • Official Slime Run Cup
  • Official Slime Run Headband
  • Official Slime Run Race Bib
  • Ability to kick back with friends and tell them you joined the Slime Nation


  • All participants must follow course rules & Officials
  • All participants understand this is not a normal 5K race; It’s an amazing foot race that includes Slime Zones & Obstacles. Participants understand all risks involved.
  • You must be 10 years of age for the 5K race. Children 9 years and younger can register for our kid's race. See locations page for details on kid's race.
  • All participants must complete & sign a waiver of Liability
  • All photos taken by media or Slime Run staff can be used to market or promote other Slime Runs
  • All participants understand there are no Refunds
  • Participants understand there is no timing; we encourage self-timing for the race
  • Participants understand that if they do not want to complete the obstacle they can go around
  • It is up to the participant to complete each obstacle, if the participant does not feel they can complete the race or obstacles it is their responsibility to leave or avoid the obstacle all together
  • It is the participant’s duty to inform The Slime Run staff if they have been injured or hurt during the race
  • All participants understand this is a rain or shine event


Come out and see who get’s slimed! Enjoy your time, eat good food, listen to great music, have a cold beer* or drink and watch the Slime Nation take over!

*Depending on venue rules & costs, beer is not always available at all races. Please see your location page if beer is served at your race.

Slime Run Safety

  • Participants assume all risks & medical expenses if needed during or after the race
  • All participants will brief themselves as to where the medical/first aid tent is located when they arrive before the race
  • The Slime is slick, participants must use caution during the race